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PROGRAM (Paid position)

The Afro-Australian Student Organisation (AASO) is looking for enthusiastic young Africans to be mentors in the AASO Mentorship Program - As, we believe in empowering, supporting and listening to the voices of young Africans and African Australians in high schools. 

What is the AASO mentorship program & How do I apply?

The AASO mentorship program aims to

• Inspire and motivate students to do well in secondary education

• Introduce and expose students to various universities and career options

• Support and encourage a meaningful student to mentor relationships

What’s involved in being a mentor?
•    Mentors will be required to undergo a full-day training session
•    Actively engage in weekly mentoring sessions with students in a face-to-face group environment 
•    Use former years of experience as a high-school graduate to positively contribute to the program

To apply for the program, simply 

1) Submit an Expression of Interest Form


2) Forward a copy of your resume to

For further information on the role, CLICK HERE  or contact AASO - 

(Please note submissions will only be accepted if the applicant is a registered AASO member).

How can I become an AASO member? 

To become an AASO member applicants must email

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