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PO Box 6140, West Footscray

3012 VIC, Australia

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@2017 AASO - Afro Australian Student Organisation 

what we do


AASO operates on the three-pillared platform of Employment Skill Building, Leadership Development and Community Engagement with each initiative uniquely tailored to meet the particular needs of AASO members.

Employment Skill Building Pillar

This pillar is responsible for providing employment skills and networking opportunities for AASO members. AASO offers tailored culturally sensitive programs to assist students to develop job readiness skills and to find suitable employment. By providing personalised careers and employment services, professional networking events and recruitment advice, AASO will make a positive impact on the lives of African students in Australia.

Programs - Meet the Profession

- Meet the Government

- AASO Internship Program

Leadership Development Pillar

This pillar is responsible for guiding and training upcoming student leaders in the AASO community. AASO provides: a forum for young African leaders to learn from influential leaders, a mentorship program for tertiary students who are new to studying in Australia, and a program to assist secondary students preparing for university. Through supporting young Africans, AASO aims to increase the positive visibility of African youth in the educational community and help young Africans aspire to study at Australia’s best institutions.

Programs - AASO Workshops

- Peer-to-Peer Buddy Program

- Leadership Program

Community engagement pillar

This pillar serves as a liaison between the AASO student community and the greater Australian community. AASO believes in the importance of community partnerships. The pillar is responsible for coordinating joint student/community events as well as the active promotion of African Australian businesses and services.

Programs - Recognise Student Awards Night

- Youth Forum

- AASO On-campus