AASO is a 3000 member-strong organisation found across 17 university branches in five states.

AASO aims to be the preeminent student organisation in Australia representing the welfare of both African and African Australian tertiary students in Australia.

The objectives of the Afro-Australian Student Organisation are:

  • To provide a robust and well-connected African Australian youth community where students can develop academic and business partnerships, and share educational, extracurricular and professional opportunities, as well as forge lasting friendship

  • To promote cross-cultural understanding by bridging the divide between African and Australian cultural norms and providing an arena to address issues from a youth perspective

  • To act as a support base and enabler for AASO members to develop and deliver worthwhile initiatives that increase opportunities for African Australians.

how can the media get in contact with THE AASO?

Please contact AASO for media enquiries through email or by filling out a contact form.

how can i lodge a complaint with the aaso?

Please fill out a contact form and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Is there a AASO at my university?

Currently, there are seventeen university branches:

New South Wales
Western Australia 
South Australia
How do I become an AASO member?

You can register to be AASO general member during your university’s Orientation Week at an AASO stall. Otherwise, if you attend any AASO event, just speak to any of our friendly committee members and they will be able to guide you through the registration process. 

Do you have to be of african heritage to join AASO?

No. AASO is open to any individual, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, religion, gender/sexual orientation or race. AASO is about learning, sharing, understanding and appreciating African culture – not necessarily being African.

What would I receive in my membership?


When you join AASO, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Certificate of Recognition as an AASO Member

  • Eligibility for leadership roles with our Executive Committee and Youth Mentoring Program

  • Subscription to AASO Newsletter

  • Exclusive member only competitions and discount offers



I am interested in leadership and executive roles. Are there any opportunities in AASO to pursue such roles?

Consider joining your university’s AASO executive team. The executive team is in charge of managing their respective VSA university branch, as well as planning and executing key AASO programs for the year.

The roles include the President, Vice-President , Secretary and Treasurer and General Committee member.

AASO also offer Director roles specialising in fields such as communications and graphic design. 

I’m new to AASo and/or university life. Is there an entry level role where I can develop myself first?

Yes! We always recruit General Executive team members (also commonly referred to as Public Relations Officers). Their role is to promote the brand of AASO, recruit members, as well as plan and execute AASO events.

They will be mentored by the executive team in their development of event management, communication and teamwork skills. They may also be given the opportunity to shadow an executive team member in their portfolios, such as sponsorship and treasury.

But most of all, all recruits will have access to an extensive network of talented students across our universities! There will also be plenty of bonding and fun to be had throughout the year too!


How do I apply to become a committee member?

Executive team members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. This is usually held in the last quarter of the year.

How do I find out more about becoming a sponsor or partner with AASo?

Please email us and an AASO Executive will be in touch shortly.

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