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The Afro Australian Student Organisation (AASO) is a non-profit youth-led organisation representing the interests of African students in tertiary institutions across Australia. AASO was formed in 2013 by two young African women who felt there was a lack of African voices on university campuses.

In recent years there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of domestic and international African students in tertiary institutions in Australia. However, whilst there has been an increase in the student population, the number of services to support the needs of African tertiary students was unmatched. 

Less than half of the universities in Australia had an active African society on campus, leaving many African tertiary students feeling culturally isolated as they did not have a platform to discuss issues that mattered to them.


The Afro Australian Student Organisation’s mission is to support all students of African descent by providing them with a platform to advocate and engage with like-minded African students.

Our main agenda is to raise awareness about resources, facilitate programs and create forums with the aim to improve the academic, professional and personal development of African and African Australian students in Australia.

Employment Skill Building 

This focus is responsible for providing employment skills and networking opportunities to AASO members.

  • Meet the Profession

  • Meet the Government

  • Internship Program

Leadership Development

This focus is responsible for guiding and training upcoming student leaders in the AASO community. 

  • Workshops

  • Mentorship Program

  • Leadership Program

Community Engagement

This focus serves to connect the AASO student community to the broader Australian community.

  • Recognise Awards Night

  • Youth Forum

  • AASO On-campus

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