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Active at various university campuses across Australia and connected to hundreds of Afro-Australian students enrolled at university, The Afro-Australian Student Organisation (AASO) is a crucial association connecting African students on campus to their peers and industry professionals.









About the Afro-Australian Student Organisation

The organisation operates from three-pillars, Employment Skill Building, Leadership Development and Community Engagement and each initiative is uniquely tailored to meet the particular needs of the organisations' membership. 

How can I become an Afro-Australian Student Organisation member?

You can register to be a member during your university’s Orientation Week at an African student society stall. Otherwise, if you attend any organisation event, just speak to any of our friendly committee members and they will be able to guide you through the registration process. 


Do I have to be of African heritage to attend an
Afro-Australian Student Organisation event?

The organisation is open to any individual, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, religion, gender/sexual orientation or race.

AASO events are about learning, sharing, understanding and appreciating African/African-Australian culture and perspective.

What would I receive in my membership?

When you join AASO, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to a tertiary student network 

  • Opportunity to participate in community initiatives 

  • Membership only competitions

  • Eligibility for leadership roles within the executive committee

  • Newsletter subscription

Get to Know Us

The organisation composes of friendly, community-minded individuals of African heritage in Australia.

To get a sense of these individuals follow us via the Afro-Australian Student Organisation platforms!


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